I began my career in art as an Abstract Impressionist painter. My impressions of nature, usually landscapes, became abstract forms on the canvas. Years later, through journeys of self exploration, I began to express the form and movement of an inner landscape. I became an Abstract Expressionist painter. My abstract forms became an expression of that dynamic interior dance. What I call an expression of this inner landscape, others have described as intuition, or insight, or a manifestation of the sub-conscious. In recent years, I have found a way to transcend the interior dance. Through meditation, the ego becomes still - leaving a pure awareness of the moment. While painting in this state, I feel an enormous joyful freedom expressed in spontaneous improvisation. These spontaneous movements produce a painting, but the movements themselves describe the ongoing process of my transformation as an artist, in the moment, from now to now, as the brush moves across the canvas.

A revealing and inspiring life story . . .

"Endearing, sensitive and precious. This book will open eyes and tear asunder illusions."
- Dr. Zaida Rivene

bookcoverFrom Now to Now

Marlis' autobiography is now available! Click here!

"A jewel of a book - a gift to the world. When I read From Now to Now, I couldn't put the book down. This journey from the desperation of war-time Germany, and the beginning of a young girl's harsh indoctrination into patriarchy, through the seeking-sixties, spiritual questing and personal transformation, leads to the author's arrival as a talented artist and teacher of a wisdom born of deep experience. As much as this is a magnificent telling of life richly explored, it is even more a valuable historical document, and a philosophical treatise capturing the essence of the convergence of Eastern and Western spiritual traditions."
- Julianne Murray, Communications Professor, Oregon Institute of Technology

Light in the Dark
Quantum Fluctuations

A virtual installation of phosphorescent paintings
in the light and in the dark.

Move your cursor over a painting to see the phosphorescent acrylic glowing in the dark.

to experience this virtual installation

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